Guiding Principles Espoused by Dr Bernard Malik

A safe, secure, inclusive and accessible environment for learning, teaching and working:

American College will be free from discrimination, harassment and hate. We fully support the right of everyone to study, participate and work with dignity in an environment of mutual respect. We include and respect the abilities, experiences, perspectives and contributions of our students, our employees, our partners and our communities.

Curriculum and instruction that reflect diversity and promote equity and inclusion:

Our curriculum and instruction draws on a variety of knowledge, perspectives and experiences. Through our commitment to global citizenship and social justice, we prepare students with the skills and knowledge to build positive human relationships in an increasingly diverse society.

Equitable and accessible opportunities for student success:

We identify and remove institutional barriers that prevent access and impede student success. Our teaching and support services demonstrate equity and inclusion. Likewise, we provide transformative and inclusive curriculum that will help students attain academic excellence and positive social and career outcomes.

Building knowledge and evaluating effectiveness:

We ensure that we are knowledgeable about diversity, equity and inclusion. We critically analyse and research current practices. We evaluate our effectiveness by tracking our progress, analysing what is working well and determining how we can best improve.

Human Resource Management systems, policies and practices that reflect diversity and promote equity and inclusion:

We implement bias- and barrier-free recruitment, selection, hiring and promotion at all levels. Similarly, we ensure that our employees’ skills and knowledge are respected, valued and used appropriately. Moreover, we provide equitable opportunities for professional development and advancement for all employees.

Training and staff development in equity and diversity:

We provide ongoing training and staff development to build understanding and ensure that equity and inclusion are central to the work we do. We recognize and reward initiatives that support diversity, equity and inclusion.

Accessible and inclusive college communication:

We mirror diversity in communications that promote American College, our programs, services and curriculum. We ensure that college communication is respectful, and that our information is accessible and widely available.

Strategic engagement with diverse communities:

We undertake strategic outreach to develop meaningful relationships with diverse communities. We engage with these communities and encourage their fullest contribution to, and participation in, our activities and consultations.

Relationships and partnerships that align with our mission, vision and values:

We actively seek relationships that enhance our values and offer opportunities to prepare our students to work effectively and successfully in a global and diverse marketplace. We ensure that our contractual relationships with businesses and organizations comply with our standards of equity, human rights and fairness.

Committing financial and human resources to promote diversity, equity and inclusion:

We provide resources to support the work of our employees, our students and our partners in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

American College in Woolloongabba, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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American College is a modern and dynamic educational institution providing high quality programs in a congenial environment that promotes learning and motivates students to achieve excellence in their studies.

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